I visited UMM University President on Thursday, October 4th. Other agriculture departments, animal husbandry department, bio department We visited.
It is a classroom scene of a Japanese classroom today (September 29th). The lesson is reading comprehension.
UMM first graders and now studying Japanese.
A new table is comfortable.
I got my room on UMM campus 1 from Mr.Rector.
Japanese Summer Festival in Tulugang city.
I am moving on a night train in Indonesia now!
Japan nursing care facilities and UMM university in Indonesia signed on nursing care personnel.
Students in the Japanese classroom at a play or song welcomed me. The play was very good.
In Ramadan in Indonesia, fasting in the daytime, no meals and water can be taken.
La Monga University which is the largest in nursing college in East Java
the first test in the first week
The UMM Japanese classroom started from 14th May.
Training of Indonesian Japanese teacher was held.
Ayako-Chan who is supporting from the kindergarten youth group has grown into the second grade of elementary school.
New Passion International Education Office
Three international students from Indonesia have arrived.
Japanese language training center was established in Indonesia.
*The Islamic Halal Association of Japan Established*
a lecture at Indonesia University which is No. 1 university in Indonesia.
Ms Hirade teacher visited Passion International Education
Good Student....He passsed the 1st grade of JLPT.
It is a state of a lecture at a nursing university in the town called John Bang. ジョンバンという町の看護大学での講演会の様子です。
VISITING A NURSING COLLEGE__I received a passionate welcome from a nursing college in the town called Jomang and gave a lecture. Everyone is a job hope in Japan.
インドネシア訪問記 2018 Photo Gallery
ネパール訪問記 2018 Photo Gallery
Principal of the Japanese language school PASSION INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION in Nepal Mr. PRAKASH MANI NIRAULA came to Japan.
We will support the student of the nursing care worker vocational college for those who aim for nursing care workers.
UMMのホテル(UMM INN)に宿泊しています。 ホテル外観、中庭、フロント、レストランの写真です。
The Graduation Ceremony of Muhammadiad University. ムハンマデイア大学の卒業式の様子です。
ムハマンデイア大学Universitas Muhannadyah Malangの学生の70%が日本で就職を希望しています。 大臣や学長は介護士以外にもエンジニアー、その他の職種でも日本に派遣することを希望しています。
この度インドネシア最大の学校グループ・マハンマデイア大学Universitas Muhannadyah Malangと調印を行いました。
NOW at a mountainous village called PANSACARI in Bali
I am having a good time in Tokyo with the students of Bandung, Indonesia.
I made a courtesy visit to Professor Hao, leading expert in Japanese language education in Vietnam.
I ate dishes from ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Fish and mountain grass were unusual.
I will start Japanese language education activities in Vietnam from today.
ベトナム訪問記 2017 Photo Gallery
Indonesia based in Civanus/Students who are selecting Japanese at a vocational high school in Cianjur. 
Reunited with the students of Bahana of Indonesia last year at the speech contest, I had a good time.
On September 2, 2017 AOTS held a "foreign national speech contest concerning nursing care"
I will start a Japanese language class at the nursing college in the town called cianjur from this fall.
A nursing staff employment briefing session in Jakarta.
My students have Japanese language examination grade 4th. Ganbatte kudasai!!
A kindergarten in a small town called Chanjar.
We teach efficient reading practice of kanji by using projector.
Classroom Scenery/Students graduating from nursing college/Classes using projectors・・・
フィリピン訪問記 2017 Photo Gallery It is a wonderful family of Japanese language school managers.
フィリピン訪問記 2017 Photo Gallery


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